Burren Balsamics


A small business based in Northern Ireland that experiment with infused vinegars. Chef Susie Burren started the company in 2013 and already has her products stocked across the UK and Ireland. Using premium and locally sourced ingredients they create unique balsamics with no artificial flavourings or fruit concentrates.


Website Design Business Catalyst



Our growing startup needed a website, and we were extremely lucky to be put in touch with Chris. Knowing nothing about web design and being technically challenged in the extreme, he very patiently led us through the entire web design process and build. He gave us lots of options to choose from and gave us an accurate timeline that gave us a good idea of when everything happened.

We changed our minds quite a lot throughout the process and Chris was very good at explaining what was and wasn't possible.

We've continued to add content throughout the past year, and the website still looks as good as it did when it first went live. I know we can count on Chris if need any more changes.